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This section addresses the concerns and questions that people and their families often face when they have been repatriated or are in the process. Identify your case and know the options you have to solve it.

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The U Visa allows victims of violence to stay legally in the United States and to obtain a work permit. It can be requested by victims of a crime committed in the United States as long as it breaks the law in effect in that country, such as domestic violence, sexual assault, rape, labor contract fraud, extortion, kidnapping, etc. The crime must seriously affect the victim physically or psychologically. Also, the victim must cooperate with the criminal investigation and provide relevant information about the crime.

Documento de 27 de febrero de 2017 / Oficialía Mayor / Dirección General de Delegaciones

The debts persist, so the debtor must notify the banking institution about his/her new address and, if applicable, pay for the debt.

Documento de 27 de febrero de 2017 / Oficialía Mayor / Dirección General de Delegaciones

The owner of the house is obliged to allow the person affected or someone of his/her trust to access the house and pick up the property.

Documento de 27 de febrero de 2017/Oficialía Mayor/Dirección General de Delegaciones
If your belongings were confiscated by a US authority during a detention process and no more than 30 days have passed since the date of the confiscation, the Consulate and/or local office can help you recover the goods and delivering them to the person you choose, either in Mexico or in the United States. Please remember that you or a relative of yours should provide us with the claim receipt number which is delivered by the authority at the moment they confiscated your belongings. The minimum requirements necessary to start the process of recovery of your belongings are
1. A letter written and signed by the applicant authorizing the Consulate to receive his/her belongings from the migration authority. The letter must include: name, address and two telephone numbers of the applicant and/or the person authorized to receive them once they are sent to a local office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
2. A copy of the identification of the applicant.
3. A copy of the receipt that the US immigration authority gave to the person when they were holding his/her belongings. This document is very important, since it includes the receipt number of the bag where the belongings were deposited.
If you need assistance, you can contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs staff at:
Mexico City and Metropolitan Area: Dirección General de Protección a Mexicanos en el Exterior Secretaría de Relaciones Exteriores Plaza Juárez 20, Planta Baja, Col. Centro, Del. Cuauhtémoc, México, Distrito Federal. C.P. 06010
Documento de 27 de febrero de 2017 / Oficialía Mayor / Dirección General de Delegaciones y Guía Somos Mexicanos