The current administration of the government of the United States of America (EUA) has hardened its migratory policy, affecting millions of Mexicans, that are legally or illegaly way winthin their borders.

Faced with this change the Mexican government has undertaken measures to protect all migrants and their families in all of North America including nationally.

Migrants now have a need for tools that will permit:

Inform migrants and their families about their rights, processes and support tools at their disposal.
Organize and group the actions requested by all government groups.
Maximize the benefits and the scope of actions taken in support of migrants.
Generate appropriate factual and honest answers, to the main questions on migration.

What is Migrant-e?

It's a digital bilingual platform that provides information for deported migrants or returned migrant and their relatives in Mexico and the United States.

Migrant-e concentrates, organizes and coordinates all options, actions and federal government programs. This facilitates the efficient and effective coordination of support for voluntary migration and in emergency situations.

Allow migrants and their relatives to get truthful and updated information in simple terms and in a format that makes it easier to understand.